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  • Q:How Much Do i Pay to List My cars

    Ans:PRIVATE SELLER PRICE-LIST 60 DAYS PREMIUM LISTING- POPULAR ( ₦2,500 per car)   * First Page of search on each category for 60days * 60 Days Activation ( car online for 60 days) * Social Media Adverts ( Facebook,Instagram and Twitter) * Online portal to chat with buyers * Email,Telephone Support and whatsapp suppo.... Read Details >>

  • Q:When do i pay, is it before or after sales,and how do i upload my car.

    Ans:Car activation payment has to be made before it is displayed on the website. However, you can list as much car as you want on your profile but it will not be active until payment has been received.To sell your car, please register with us on the website and follow below steps.1. Fill in your contact details by clicking My Account icon on the left corner of the dashboard, then click update.2. Goto Post Advert, click on add post,and please fill in all your car details. Do make sure you click submi.... Read Details >>

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