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The Grand Am's basic trim lines were SE and GT, though both contained submodels (SE, SE1, SE2, GT and GT1) with slight variations. The basic SE came with 15-inch wheels, antilock brakes, air-conditioning, radio and power door locks. The SE1 added power windows, a power seat, cruise control and folding rear seat, while the SE2 added the V6 engine, 16-inch wheels, speed-sensitive power steering, an upgraded stereo, steering-wheel audio controls and keyless entry.


All Grand Ams shared the same interior that was marred by deeply recessed instruments and bulging components. The seats were mounted a bit too low and thus not all that comfortable and overall interior materials quality was lacking.


The V6-powered GT added "Ram Air" hood scoops for 5 extra hp (175 total), more aggressive gearing, four-wheel disc brakes, a stiffer suspension and exterior styling add-ons like a spoiler and ribbed body cladding. The GT lost some of the items added by the SE2, but Pontiac reinserted them for the top-of-the-line GT1 and then topped it off with a sunroof. The Pontiac Grand Am came closest to its sport sedan aspirations when equipped with the V6. The tires, brakes and steering upgrades that came with this engine helped as well, and the stiffer-sprung GT cured the SE's excessive body roll. On the downside, both engines were rough and unrefined, and the steering and brakes were rather uncommunicative. Finally, overall mileage with the V6 was below average.

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