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TOYOTA Caoster,


Toyota coaster is a minibus that has large seating capacity and it is used as recreational vehicle and it is also used as public transport in many countries. The strong body and large seating capacity makes the bus very famous all over the world. Toyota Coaster has huge benefits to customers most especially the durability.                    


Toyota Coaster boasts of generous headroom and legroom, ample space between seats, high ceiling, and large windows. Toyota Coaster also comes with air conditioning and large comfortable seats.


Toyota Coaster is efficient with fuel and never at a loss of power. It is equipped with two husky diesel engines or a gasoline engine designed to provide more dynamic performance. Every component from the lustrous body finish to the linings of the brakes is designed towards performance. The body is shaped to slice through the wind. Its slanted windshield, flush surface sand snugly fitting front and rear bumpers help minimize air resistance and thereby improve handling and fuel economy.           

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