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   The design of Toyota Corolla makes it more competitive against strong rivals. The corolla sheds a lot of the uninspired personality and lackluster materials that held back previous generations. It now looks sharper and the interior exceeds expectations for the class. There are plenty of features to make you feel like you’re getting the most out of your investment. These include advanced safety features, adaptive cruise control and apple car in all models


           The Corolla’s interior benefits are easy to use. The controls are right where it should be and logically grouped. The buttons are sensible enough to be useful but not so many that it looks cluttered. Getting in and out of the car is also easy. There is enough room for passengers and the driver has clear sight lines to both the front and rear but the seating for rear passengers is tighter especially with regard to headroom. Adult occupants’ head might be close to the roof of the car.


       The Corolla XSE was tested, which supposed to be the sporty trim level but discovered that it’s not sporty. It leans a lot when you go around turns and its tires don’t offer much grip. But as a routine daily driver, the Corolla does just fine. Acceleration is underwhelming for the class (0-60mph took 8.8 seconds in our testing), It’s likely be flooring the pedal when getting to highways. Passing slower traffic requires a little extra planning and heavy foot.    

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