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The Toyota Haice commuter is designed from the ground up to match today’s active lifestyles and comes loaded with features to make driving more enjoyable. Toyota Haice is a light commercial van with simple robust construction and great space efficiency.              


The Toyota Haice sides have slide opening windows and big sliding doors, making entering into rear seats comes easier. The safety and comfort of the passengers is affected by the equipment of 3 seating row that only provide seat belts and head restraints for 2 outside seating position, the center passenger doesn’t have any head restraints but only one lap belt, airbags and also Isofix kid restraints in sight. The van offers no fold down inner arm rests for both front seat occupant and the driver as well. The steering can adjust the tilt while the gearshift seems to offer less light and precise responds.


The Toyota Haice has 1KD FTV 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine which is capable of doling out 100kw and 300Nm of torque, mated to a 5 speed manual transmission. It can demonstrate a capable hill climber with 740kg on its back, easily providing power to a 14% long gradient at 60km per hour in third gear. It also performs useful engine brakes on long decents. Toyota Haice consumes 8.7L/100km on average.

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