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   Toyota Land cruiser comes with four wheel drive available transmission include 8 speed shiftable automatic. Land cruiser use car based platforms that increase fuel economy and ride comfort but they also limit towing capacity and off road capability. Land Cruiser’s old school design results in drawbacks when it comes to on road performance. Braking, steering and handling all suffer as a result of the Land Cruiser’s size. Land Cruiser is a relatively large vehicle but rear cargo space is lacking ant the third row is rather small.          


Toyota Land Cruiser has large door openings and multiple chunky grab that helps people climb in and out. The first and second row for passengers is spacious. The controls are easy to understand but the reach to the centrally located touch screen will be a tad long for most. The large windows allow good visibility but the third row seats cut into the rear view when in use. The standard surround view camera has a helpful off road overlay


Toyota Land Cruiser’s on road performance is average at best. Its brakes are touchy, lots of nosedive and the steering is unnaturally heavy. The engine and transmission work fine on the highway but some drivers find the accelerator too sensitive at low speeds and the transmission too shifty on long grades. Toyota Land Cruiser suspension allows for loads of articulation as the multi terrain system seeks out every traction from the ground. Crawl control keeps the Land Cruiser pushing through soft and rocky terrain.               

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